Real-life modeling for EFficient RESource management in Heterogeneous multi-user systems

National Science Foundation funded project

CNS Division Of Computer and Network Systems

  • Training MS Students: In the first 9 months of the grant, three Master students were trained on topics related to the research objectives of this project. The three Master students are: Pavlos Athanasios Apostolopoulos, Marcos Torres, and Nicholas Kemp.
  • Curriculum Development Activities: One research project related to the scope of the project is assigned to the undergraduate students of the ECE 440: Introduction to Computer Networks course (ECE, UNM) that the PI teaches in the Spring 2020 semester.
  • Broadening Participation Activities: A female high school student, Maggie Wang, had performed a volunteer internship in PROTON Lab, i.e., the research lab of the PI, during the Summer 2019, performing a survey study on the topic of risk-aware resource management in 5G wireless networks.